Chairman's Message

Sulaiman A. K. Al Muhaidib
Group Chairman

Leadership is very much in the eye of the beholder. Studies and books have been written about the subject and my purpose here is not to enter the debate, rather to use my own experience to shed some light.

Sometimes, there is very little doubt who is the leader, as in a foot race, for instance, where it is the person out in front. But we use leadership in a wider sense, not to win against others but to inspire and encourage.

My father is one we have chosen to demonstrate the qualities of leadership. On the history pages in this website we have described how he founded Al Muhaidib Group, pushing forward in conjunction with my uncle at first and then, later, founding and developing the enterprise on his own.

We have selected some of his sayings – there are many more we could have used. – in the website’s History section. In the years in which the Company grew from a trader of food and building products to a multi-diversified conglomerate, the sayings of Abdulkadir Al Muhaidib have come to form the corporate vision; the beliefs he upheld are the Group’s beliefs, and the policies he pursued still form the core of our policies today.

Many were highly practical: “business needs real estate,” for example, was an enjoiner to those who came after to purchase the buildings and factories from which we were to work. It underlined the need to be fully committed to making a success of the venture.

Others were more focused on the individual: “Trust needs to be earned” and “Build relationships with everybody.” Others were proverbial guides to finding success: “Fortune is distributed before dawn,” on recognizing opportunity and making early decisions, and “Always look to the future,’ on the importance of spotting trends.

My father ran Al Muhaidib Group from its inception until the 1980s, when he took a back seat to allow my brothers and me to take over the day-today job of management. But he remained involved, being included in all of the major decisions until the last months before he passed away in 1996. In this way he maintained a strong influence and was a guide for managers and staff as the Company to which he gave his name expanded and diversified. That influence remains with us to this day.

My father was a leader in the meaning that I best understand. He worked harder and assumed greater burdens than he expected from others. He developed his own vision for what brought success and passed it on to others. He made the difficult decisions and shouldered the most onerous responsibilities at all times.

Some understand a leader as a person that others follow; I understand it in terms of a person who organizes and inspires others to achieve a common goal.


Sulaiman A. K. Al Muhaidib

Group Chairman