Vision & Mission


To become an innovative, world-class investment company that is recognized for being a reliable partner and an employer of choice.


To achieve high growth, profitability and continuous development while maintaining our integrity and ethics.


Core Values:


AlMuhaidib Group believes that leadership is about inspiring our people to achieve their full potential. It is their skills, dedication and insights that have enabled us to evolve into a dynamic business group.

Together, we know we can scale even greater heights. We provide an inspiring environment that stimulates and rewards new skills and knowledge. The sharing of ideas, and mutual development. We constantly look for new and better ways to motivate each of our employees to become responsible corporate citizens, to become our future leaders. We strive to provide opportunities to nationals while adhering to the interests of our society.
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More than 30 different operations meet or exceed our customers' needs across a diversity of geographical regions. We are truly a widely diversified group.

We also enjoy a strong global presence while making every effort to add that local touch in every aspect of our business. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. With their loyalty we strive to become leaders in all Group sectors. We hand pick our investments from those key performance sectors that provide financial solidity, operational stability and value creation across the Group.
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Because we are a fast growing, major business house with diversified interests it is vital that we unify our vision, goals and objectives.

This unity of direction and strategic alignment of corporate policies ensures we maintain our focus on priorities. We are determined to create value for customers and stakeholders. Our coherent and standardized procedures across the Group help us make wise and timely decisions. We leverage synergy to the maximum across the Group. By so doing we ensure we are efficient, effective and dynamic. Our unity gives us the cutting edge in a competitive environment.
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We take responsibility for our actions and strictly honor our commitments. We adhere to the highest ethics and standards with our commitment to fairness.We treat everyone with trust and respect.

Our reward? We have become one of the most trusted business houses in the Middle East. Our impeccable track record of over sixty years speaks for itself. We are committed to forging long lasting and trustworthy relationships. Credible business practices, strong ethics, sound management policies and keen financial prudence have made us one of the most trusted names in the Middle East. We honor our word!
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Our Group is driven by our commitment to turn our vision and mission into reality. We seize the right opportunities when they arise and leverage all our resources to build success stories.

We promote and recognize teamwork and reward individual contributions, initiatives, and achievements.By being entrepreneurs each Al Muhaidib employee is a key part of our Group success. Each one rises to the challenges, takes control of his work, and succeeds in the face of barriers and setbacks.
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