Pioneering partner in development of
Saudi Arabia & the Middle East

Founded in 1943, a Saudi-owned investment group
with rich heritage & diversified sectors.
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Highly diversified
Investment Sectors

As one of the largest investment groups in the Middle East, Al Muhaidib Group has investments in companies across a wide range of public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia and across the region. Our primary focus is on the Food & Consumer, Industrial & Infrastructure, Real Estate and Financial Investment sectors. We also have investments in other synergistic business sectors that we believe add value to our customers, stakeholders and shareholders.

+Years of Experience

Creating value
Investment Philosophy

At Al Muhaidib, we are committed to the sustainable success of all of our businesses. That’s why, when we invest in a company, we work in close, long-term partnership with our investee company management in order to grow the business we provide global insights and advise on international best practices. We also monitor performance, and continuously examining portfolio companies for value added exits.

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Our commitment
Sustainable Future

Since the time of the late Abdulkadir Al Muhaidib, philanthropy and social work has been a major cornerstone of the family, and to govern its effort for the most sustainable impact, Al Muhaidib established Al Muhaidib Social Foundation, with projects that spreads positive social values.

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