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News / 10 Dec 2020Al Muhaidib Group's 7th Annual Blood Donation Campaign

Al Muhaidib Group's 7th Annual Blood Donation Campaign

Al Muhaidib Group held its 7th Annual Blood Donation Campaign in cooperation with King Fahad Specialist Hospital (KFSH) at the Group’s HQ in Dammam on December 9, 2020 for two days.

More than 70 employees from the AMG and subsidiaries’ teams donated blood as a part of its yearly social initiative to give back to the community, especially with the dire need of blood in these unprecedented times. Donations provide supplies needed by millions of people around Saudi Arabia used during surgeries, accidents, or diseases that require the transport of certain blood components, and also have great benefits on donors and their health.

Donations have been made easily accessible for everyone in the Kingdom through the application “Wateen”, a national database for blood donations – where donors can book appointments, track your donation journey, and receive notifications of hospitals in need of donations.

To learn more about Wateen, please follow the link: