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Al Romansiah Holds Annual Ceremony

Al Romansiah held its Annual Ceremony in the presence of their board of directors, senior managers and employees to celebrate the achievements of Al Romansiah and honor the top performers for the year 2019.

Musaab Al Muhaidib Runs for Riyadh Chamber

Al Muhaidib Group Board Member, Mr. Musaab Sulaiman Al Muhaidib has announced his candidacy for a seat on the Riyadh Chamber Board for the Eighteenth Session (Merchants Category, voting number 40) on Tuesday, 11/2/2020. ...

Acwa Power Plans $10 bn Worth of Investments

Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power plans to invest around $10 billion in 2020, seeking out new projects in 10 different countries.

World Pilgrimage Program by Al Muhaidib Social Foundation

The World Pilgrimage Program, one of Al Muhaidib Social Foundation’s initiatives to serve the community, is an annual program that hosts 100 pilgrims from around the world to perform Umrah and learn more about the principles ...

Sara E. Al Muhaidib Chosen to be the C20 Education Lead

Al Muhaidib Social Foundation’s Executive Director, Sara E. Al Muhaidib has been chosen as a steering committee member and Education working group lead of the Civil Society (C20).

Al Muhaidib Group's 6th Annual Blood Donation Campaign

Al Muhaidib Group held its Sixth Annual Blood Donation Campaign in cooperation with King Fahad Specialist Hospital at the Group’s HQ in Dammam on December 10, 2019 for two days.

Al Moosa Park Opening in Al Ahsa

Al Moosa Park in Al Ahsa has been opened under the patronage of His Excellency the Vice Governor of Al Ahsa, Mr. Moath Al Jaafari. The park is the second installment in “We Play Together”, one of Al Muhaidib Social Foundation’s ...

Al Muhaidib Executive Conference: Dare to Thrive

Al Muhaidib Group hosted its annual Al Muhaidib Executive Conference (MEC) in the Kingdom of Bahrain on the 22nd & 23rd of November, 2019.

Musaab S. Al Muhaidib Appointed Group Board Member

Al Muhaidib Group is pleased to announce the appointment of its first third generation family board member, Mr. Musaab Sulaiman Al Muhaidib. The group is confident in Musaab’s ability and experience that will play a key ...

89th National Day Celebration
News / 23 Sep 2019

89th National Day Celebration

Al Muhaidib Group held its Annual Celebration for the 89th Saudi National Day at its HQ in Dammam, on Tuesday the 22nd of September 2019 under the slogan #سيفين ونخلة, which translates to “Two Swords and One Palm Tree”. ...